Why Polyester Glitter


Polyester Glitter is very versatile and stands up to many solvents.

What can polyester Glitter be used for?

  • Fishing Lures
  • Make up, nail polish, body creams and lotions, hair spray, glitter nails and hair gels.
  • Mix into finger paints
  • With fabric adhesive : decorating clothing, sneakers, pumps etc
  • Christmas ornaments and crafts
  • Creating custom tumblers
  • Used with epoxy to create coasters, molds etc
  • Mix into inks and paints
  • Bars and counter tops (using epoxy resin)
  • Inside balloons
  • Flooring and wall décor
  • Posters and displays
  • Candle decorating 
  • Creative slime
  • Glitter pens

And lots more!